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When should we give children books as gifts

▪️When should we give children books as gifts?

One of the things that makes any person happy at any age is “receiving gifts” from others. Of course, the level of happiness varies at different ages, but we know that childhood is the peak of this pleasure.
There can be many reasons for this interest, the most important of which is that children are not able to provide what they like due to their young age, and they are very surprised and happy when they receive it as a gift.

*Book gifts as a powerful lever

Usually parents and teachers who have realized the importance of this issue for children and on the other hand want to establish a good relationship between children and books, use this issue as a powerful and effective lever; That is, they try to buy gift books for children on different occasions.

* Elementary school years and the joy of receiving gift books

Of all the ages at which everyone enjoys receiving book gifts, the early years of elementary school are the most influential; Because at this age children learn to read and receiving a gift like a book and reading it independently gives them indescribable confidence and self-esteem.

* Books as birthday gifts

Every child’s birthday is a special and unforgettable day; Especially the gifts he receives that day are so valuable because he has waited so long to receive them. You can also add a book to your present to show your child how valuable it is.

* Does giving books to children always make you interested in reading?

Absolutely not.

It is true that a book is a valuable tool, but like anything, it becomes boring if it is overused. This means that if your child has been waiting for a long time to receive a gift of his favorite toy on his birthday, do not give him or her a gift book because it will have the opposite effect and will destroy your child’s interest in the book.

Unfortunately, some parents think that if they constantly encourage their children to read and buy books for them, they will certainly raise children to read. That this is a misconception…
“Sometimes children should be left alone and allowed to walk calmly on the path to reading.”

Fatemeh Maadani;
researcher and reviewer of children’s books

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