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What is the Philosophy for Children?

You may also be wondering what philosophy is for children?
-Is teaching philosophical concepts?
– Or expressing the opinions of philosophers about what life is? None….
The word philosophy, which is a Greek word, means lover of knowledge and wisdom. The basis of philosophy for children is also taken from here. It means strengthening the power of thinking.

That is, educating children and young adult who love knowledge, reasoning, and analysis; To have a better life and a wiser life by gaining better decision-making power.

* What is its purpose?

Philosophy has two important and fundamental goals for children and young adult:
1) Teaching them period of formation of thinking that they should not blindly accept any issue and ask questions in their minds to accept it. It means if they have a reason, they should accept it.

2)Express critical thinking and look at the world around them with a curious look. Be flexible in the face of dissenting opinions and thinking and value them..

* How to raise a thoughtful child?

To raise a thoughtful child, you must develop a critical mind. Critical mind does not mean denying the thoughts of others, but rejecting every word. To do this, you parents and teachers should have reading sessions and after reading the book, ask children and young adulth to talk about the reason for what happened. The important point in these conversations is that you just have to listen to their opinions and you should not approve or reject them because the purpose is to strengthen the power of questioning and thinking.

* Fishing and philosophy

The skills that children and young adults learn in this area are like teaching fishing, which teaches them the right, creative and participatory ways of thinking. Because after years of research, thinkers have come to the conclusion that many of us adults do not have the power to reason, and that the only reason is that this ability did not develop in our childhood.

“Philosophy for Children (P4C) believes that our world needs children and then thoughtful citizens to help them build a more beautiful and peaceful world.”

Fatemeh Maadani;
Expert and researcher of children’s books

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