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Alborz TV interview with Fatemeh Maadani

  A part of Alborz TV interview with Fatemeh Madani as a successful young person in Alborz province and for the National Children Literature Day in Iran Host: Our dear guest is present in the program, Ms. Madani; Welcome. I greet you and I hope you are happy and healthy. Ms. Maadani, you are one

Hamshahri Newspaper Interview with Fatemeh Maadani

Hamshahri Newspapar Interview with Fatemeh Maadani; researcher of children’s books The colorful world of children’s book 28 February 2016 Childhood is one of the most influential periods of human life; An era in which many of the foundations of human future life are being formed. Reading books plays an essential role in shaping children’s personality in

Hamshahri Interview with Fatemeh Maadani

Hamshahri Interview with Fatemeh Maadani, researcher of children’s books ” A lifetime of friendship with a kind friend” Author: Baran Khani (Alborz-Hamshahri Newspaper Reporter) 2016-10-25 Paying attention the culture of reading in society has many advantages and allows knowledgeable people who can deal rationally with issues to live in society. Addressing the issue of reading