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Alborz TV interview with Fatemeh Maadani

  A part of Alborz TV interview with Fatemeh Madani as a successful young person in Alborz province and for the National Children Literature Day in Iran Host: Our dear guest is present in the program, Ms. Madani; Welcome. I greet you and I hope you are happy and healthy. Ms. Maadani, you are one

Introducing the authors on Alborz Province TV

    Introducing the authors on Alborz Province TV June, 2020. Hi, I am Fatemeh Maadani, a children’s book expert and teacher of fostering creative thinking in children. I have been working with children for about 10 years, I started teaching English and then I entered the field of children’s literature and then I entered

Hamshahri Interview with Fatemeh Maadani

Hamshahri Interview with Fatemeh Maadani, researcher of children’s books ” A lifetime of friendship with a kind friend” Author: Baran Khani (Alborz-Hamshahri Newspaper Reporter) 2016-10-25 Paying attention the culture of reading in society has many advantages and allows knowledgeable people who can deal rationally with issues to live in society. Addressing the issue of reading