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Introducing the authors on Alborz Province TV:

June, 2020.

Hi, I am Fatemeh Maadani, a children’s book expert and teacher of fostering creative thinking in children. I have been working with children for about 10 years, I started teaching English and then I entered the field of children’s literature and then I entered the field of creative thinking. In this regard, I have authored a book called “A Review on Children’s Book Illustration”.
The subject of this book started from my M.A thesis which I needed to analyze the pictures of the children’s book. After that I realized what a wide field the pictures of the children’s book are and how much information families should have about it; Because it can make children interested in books or vice versa
The book “A Review on Children’s Book Illustration” has been written in five chapters and has been published by Mashghe Shab Publications in 2015 in 140 pages. In this book, we will get acquainted with the content of the pictures in the children’s book and how important the pictures are to keep the children interested. The most important chapter of this book is Chapter 3, which deals with the standards of children’s book illustrations, and what I did in this book is to depict the pictures that are standard and the ones that may be problematic. I also compared and explained the reason why these pictures are suitable for children’s books or not

This book helps families to understand children’s books better, because we know that in order for children to be interested in books and reading, they need to have access to the right and standard books, and if parents have this information, they can make choices better for their children; so that in the future children will become a generation of readers and can have a great impact on their community and life and those around them.