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How to choose a book for children

It may have happened to you many times that you wanted to buy a book for your child or others; What happens when you walk into a bookstore? You see the different types of books and the seller who describes all the books; Especially a number of vendors who say weird things about books, such as This book is the best-selling book of the century!

And you buy a book without enough information, which can be a mistak…

* Do not let the mistake happen

When buying a book, when we are faced with a scene of various and colorful books and we do not know what book to buy, we usually think of sentences like this:
– The book is good in general
– it does not matter much what I buy
-it is important that my child becomes a book reader
– My friend bought this for her child, so I buy it as well

And the mistak is that we buy a book without knowing the age group of the children, which may have a negative effect on them and even cause them not to read any books for the rest of their lives.

So, in order to have children who read books, be sure to get the necessary and sufficient information about the types of books that children of all ages are interested in, and prepare books with awareness.

Fatemeh Maadani,
Expert and researcher of children’s books

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