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What is the Philosophy for Children?

You may also be wondering what philosophy is for children? -Is teaching philosophical concepts? – Or expressing the opinions of philosophers about what life is? None…. The word philosophy, which is a Greek word, means lover of knowledge and wisdom. The basis of philosophy for children is also taken from here. It means strengthening the

How to choose a book for children

It may have happened to you many times that you wanted to buy a book for your child or others; What happens when you walk into a bookstore? You see the different types of books and the seller who describes all the books; Especially a number of vendors who say weird things about books, such

Read the book aloud

Reading a book aloud is reading with emotion and aloud a book or text. Reading that then fascinates children with the book. Reading aloud has many advantages and benefits, some of which I will mention briefly. 1- Stimulating the love of books and reading in children 2- Strengthening the emotional relationship between the child and

When should we give children books as gifts

▪️When should we give children books as gifts? One of the things that makes any person happy at any age is “receiving gifts” from others. Of course, the level of happiness varies at different ages, but we know that childhood is the peak of this pleasure. There can be many reasons for this interest, the