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A review on children’s book illustration

A review on children’s book illustration
by Fatemeh Maadani

The early years of elementary school are the most critical time for a child to become interested in reading. Therefore, choosing a suitable book in which all the necessary criteria and standards are observed, in terms of content and especially illustrations, is very important. Undoubtedly, the child can not do this alone and certainly needs the help of parents, teachers, educators and librarians in choosing their book. What is discussed in this book is to provide guidance for those who are somehow connected to this section of society and tend to better understand the pictures in children’s books to make them interested in reading.

This book, introduces the standards of pictures in children’s books to make children more interested in reading by making the right choice. This book consists of 5 chapters that deal with these issues:
1)Who is a child and what are his / her study needs?
2) What does children’s literature mean?
3)What is the role of illustration in children’s books?
4) What is the role of appearance in children’s books?
5) What colors and forms should be used for children’s books?

Parts of the book

Characters should have an independent personality identity.

Characters are the essence of any story, and the independence of their character makes them a special place in the minds of children and a part of their lives. Since most of the characters in story books have a great impact on children, illustrators by choosing independent characters which is appropriate with the content of the story, should teach children from childhood
to have independence in personality and also teach them every person in terms of face and identity is unique.

Characterization should be creative.

Creativity is one of the issues that children deal with in all hours of life and has made it necessary to clearly feel the need for illustration in children’s books. Therefore illustrators should create creative and imaginative works of art and creativity in characterization for stimulating the imagination and thinking of children. In other words, the characters in the books should not only reflect the content, but should allow children to use their creativity and innovation completely freely when communicating with words and pictures.
Creative illustration should help children to understand the world better and find wider.

The illustration technique and the literary style of the books should be in harmony.

Of all the important parameters that cause the permanence of a picture, perhaps the choice of the right technique is one of the most important, because if the right technique is chosen, the illustrators can communicate with the authors and their feelings and thoughts and also the main purpose of story.

Illustrating’s techniques have a variety of features as well as specific limitations that knowing these features will help illustrators make the right choice.Therefore, illustrators are better to pay attention to these tips:

1) Pay attention to the meanings and concepts mentioned in the text 2) Paying attention to the sense and subjects of the cotent (place, time, fear, happiness, etc.)
3) Paying attention to the type of book (scientific, historical, literary)

Examples of pictures of two different books with the same subject and different techniques

These stories of these books is an anecdote from the book named Kelileh and Demneh, so it requires a more stable style than the computer style (which is more suitable for real stories of contemporary times). As can be seen, in Figure A, despite the fact that the illustrator was able to show well the feelings and inner state of the character, he was not able to convey the feeling of worth of the story; This is what the illustrator in Figure B was able to turn into a work of art.



Title: A Review on Children’s Book Illustraion
Author: Fatemeh Maadani
Publisher: Mashghe Shab
Language: Persian
ISBN: 978-600-7252-25-3
Publication Date: August, 2015

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